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About is one of the best classic 2D shooter Io games based on the cool Battle Royale genre. Explore the new match with multiple online opponents throughout the real world and try to become the last standing character! Enjoy game players will have the chance to build, break, destroy your antagonists, and upgrade your loot.



The awesome game offers 5 different rarities for your weapons. In which, gray is common, green is uncommon, blue is rare, purple is epic, and gold is legendary. Once you finish off someone, you are allowed to grab their gear. They are useful to improve everything in your inventory. You can obtain plenty of items such as Shotguns, Scar, Ar-15, Bolt, or Scoped Assault Rifle. Each of them will bring back dissimilar advantages and disadvantages. So, they will not cause the same damage to the target and they do not have a similar range. Although they have unique abilities, you do not forget to reload them frequently or you can be killed once you run out of ammo. Additionally, you are recommended to put up walls immediately if you have found out bullets coming toward you.

Gameplay game throws you into a lobby where you should seize the opportunity to practice your building skill with 100 of each material. You can check your shooting with soccer or basketball matches. Besides, you are able to interact with other persons in that zone. When the game gathers enough competitors, you can engage in the actual challenge at a random spot on the battlefield.

Firstly, it is necessary for you to equip your body. Roam around the battleground in game and open up chests available on the ground to collect objects. Not only that, you can pick up numerous tools on the path. You can perform your hits when you are comfortable. Searching for more resources is also an essential mission. Trees, tables, or chairs will provide wood, stone to craft brick and other stuff.

If you advance, do not ignore keeping an eye on the map to follow the dangerous red storm. It is shrinking the playable region. You will be damaged when it catches you. You’d better stay away from it or you can die. To survive longer, attempt to stock up on heals. Furthermore, a strong shelter can assist you to overcome that disaster.

Sharing game with your buddies to create a party and achieve the goal sooner!

How to play

Press E or F to interact with items and chests

Use Left click to control your weapons

Hit the right mouse to scope in case you want to detect somebody from further

Tap Q to turn on or off the Build mode. You can set up walls later.

Jump over obstacles by pressing Spacebar

Meanwhile, Shift will help you sprint or run.

Remember to select R key to reload!

In order to view and manage your own inventory, you can choose Tab while M will open up the map and you can plan for the area closing in.

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